The Planetary Meditation for Peace

Together we are One -
In Remembrance of our Beloved Atma Charlotte

Warm Greetings and a Loving Atma Namaste to each one of you.

“Everything is subject to change and nothing lasts forever.


Don´t be afraid to do too much!
Don´t be afraid to do too little!
In the end - Everything will be all right & if it´s not all right - it´s to the end!

Thinking of you with Great Joy & Happiness.

Loving Blessing
be to All!”


No other Soul received as much Energy from our Beloved Guruji Maha Atma Choa Kok Sui - as Her.

His Love, His Essence, His Guidance & His Breath were constant companions - during the 14 years of their Lifetime Together - Day & Night, Week after Week, Year after Year.

She PROMISED Him to Continue to Spread Spiritual Teachings - NO MATTER WHAT!!! Therefore, everyday - this was her Primary Objective.

The Purpose of TIS Network of Organizations – Honoring Her Promise - is to Bring this Work to the Future & to Let the Teachings Improve the Lives of All the Ready Souls!

TIIS and TISF decided to schedule two different sessions to Dedicate to Her Our Love & Meditations.

Listen to the recordings:

TIIS Presentation - Together we are One - Return to Love


TISF Presentation -  Oneness with the Teacher


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