The Planetary Meditation for Peace

The Technique for Blessing our Beloved Mother Earth

The following recommendations were given by our Beloved Spiritual Teacher Maha Atma Choa Kok Sui many years ago. He recommended the Practice of Blessing Mother Earth and all of the various Countries on the Earth - weekly. This Instruction was transmitted to Charlotte Anderson as an additional method for Spreading World Peace, and it was on an earlier website owned and maintained by her for many years.

Maha Atma Choa Kok Sui recommended that we Bless our own Countries between 7- 9 AM Every Friday Morning.

Please pass this Message to the People of your Country!
You may reprint the given format in your local language, on 8X11 paper, on cards that can be carried in your wallet – or used as a bookmark.


A short Story about the Energy of our Guruji

A story about the Teacher’s Practice of The Great Invocation during the short months following His stroke on 4 January 2007 - after being released by His medical doctor – Charlotte Anderson took our Beloved Teacher for a walk each morning.

At first short walks were taken around a small lake near to home in Quezon City, Philippines.




The Teacher would stand in a secluded alcove by the Lake and repeat The Great Invocation – each day. After about 2 weeks Charlotte noticed that on the other side of the lake – the water lilies began to Bloom!



Our Beloved Guruji was known to have exceptionally Magnetic Energy.
This phenomena manifested itself in different ways …

For example:
When He would stay for a few nights in a hotel – the establishment’s occupancy rate would suddenly become “full” or nearly full – and would remain measurably higher during the next quarters of the year.


If He would enter an empty shoe store – to buy a pair of new shoes – nearly immediately the store would begin to be filled with customers.
They seemingly come from “Nowhere”.

The same phenomena would occur when we would enter a nearly empty Restaurant – suddenly the place would be filled with people.

Getting back to Maha Atma Choa Kok Sui’s reciting The Great Invocation by the Lake … soon our secluded alcove – was be filled with people.

So we moved to a different side of the lake.
Again each day He did His recitation of The Great Invocation – and again within 10 days to 2 weeks the water lilies on the other side of the lake began to Bloom!

Within one month His body had become stronger through the daily walks around the lake. We added a 2nd daily walk in the evening and soon looked for a new location to walk.



The Teacher’s beautiful 2nd daughter Cathy recommended an Eco Park Reserve …
So we began going there in the morning and walked at the Lake in the evening.







Different friends, colleagues and family members
would sometimes join us.



Our Beloved Guruji found a secluded alcove in the Orchidarium
where we could comfortably sit and Practice The Great Invocation.



Despite being the wrong time of the year – soon the Orchids began to Bloom.



We Believe these stories allow the students of the Teacher to begin to grasp
the Great Power of the Loving Sweetness of our Guruji.

He partook of Regular Daily Meditation.
His Spiritual Practice was extremely Precious to Him.



In following in His Footsteps …
each of us need to do Daily Spiritual Practice.
In doing so we may merge more completely into
the Mind, the Heart and the Soul of our Guruji …
and ultimately into Oneness with the Supreme God.
Our Beloved Guruji was a God-Realized Soul!*



*Understanding God Realization is part of a subject taught in The Inner Sciences Network of Organizations as
Awaken the Light Within You – Level II – Ignite your Soul. For further Information, please go to


God Bless Mother Earth

From the Point of Light within the Mind of God, 
Let Light Stream forth into the Minds of all People! 
Let Light descend throughout the Whole Earth!
From the Point of Love within the Heart of God, 
Let Love stream forth into the Hearts of all People!
Let Love descend throughout the Whole Earth!
From the Centre where the Will of God is known, 
Let Purpose Guide the Wills of all People! 
Let Goodwill and the Will to do Good descend throughout the Whole Earth!
Let Light, Love and Power descend 
throughout the Whole Earth! 
Let the Entire Earth be Blessed with Peace, Harmony, 
Progress, Prosperity and Spirituality! 
God Bless Mother Earth!
With Thanks and In Full Faith! So be it!

- by Maha Atma Choa Kok Sui, 
Founder of Modern Pranic Healing


Adapted and Modified from The Great Invocation by D.K. through Alice Bailey. The Great Invocation is promoted and propagated globally by Lucis Trust.


This same prayer may be adapted for different countries by changing the name of the country and the people. (Please use the name of your country instead of the "Earth").

You may also vary the Terminologies used according to your Religious Inclination.

For Example you may say:

- God Bless ... 
- The Supreme Buddha Bless... 
- Allah (swt) Bless…
- etc

Our Beloved Guruji instructed that this Prayer be adapted for all the different Countries in the World.

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