The Planetary Meditation for Peace

Guidelines for Children


Over a long period of time many People have asked when Children may begin to Meditate. During earlier periods Preliminary Guidelines were given that Children should wait until they are approximately 16-18 years of age – however exceptions were made.

Despite these General Guidelines during the past two decades hundreds of Children in many schools on the Indian Sub Continent have been taught different versions of this Meditation. Some schools even adapted a regular weekly Meditation Practice. Many Positive Effects have been observed!





Favorable Effects include: 

1. Increased Positive Behavior in Children 

2. Achieving of Higher Scores on Tests and Exams

3. A Reduction in multiple Psychosomatic Problems
(which lead us to believe that the Therapeutic Aspects of this Children’s short simple Spiritual Practice warrants the Meditation being shared outside of India). 

However, due to strict laws in some countries (like in the United States) - NO Spiritual Practice (even non-denominational Spiritual Practices) may be shared within the school system. 



Therefore, if groups of Children wish to Meditate - Creative Solutions can be found that will allow some children to learn this Meditation. 

Short Meditation Practices may easily be initiated outside of the Education structure.

For Example when permission is granted, the Meditation may be shared in: 

  • Club Houses 
  • Recreational Areas 
  • Yoga Centers
  • Libraries
  • In both Indoor and Outdoor Settings 
    (wherever space is available for Practice)
  • And more …


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