The Planetary Meditation for Peace

Instruction for Monitors


1. Monitors should lead the Physical Exercise before and after the Meditation.

2. Monitors need to make sure the Children understand the steps of the Practice when doing the Meditation.
Please instruct the Children:

a. To sit with their Hands facing upward on their Lap
b. They may keep their Eyes closed or partially keep them open
c. They should keep their Back straight
(6 inches or more away from the back of the chair)
d. Their Feet should be placed flat on the Floor
e. If they wish so, Children may sit with their Legs crossed on the Floor
(Correct cross legged sitting position means
the right leg should be on top of the left leg!)

3. When the Recording says, “We are going to Release the Excess Energy – down into the Earth” – instruct the Children to Direct the Energy downward into Mother Earth.
They should place their hands beside their knees – facing down to the Earth.

4. After the Meditation the Children may continue to Bless people who need help, who are in difficult or troublesome situations, family members and friends who need help.

5. Each time the Meditation is held, the Monitors may chose to have a group discussion with the Children on various topics.


6. Possible Discussion Topics for Monitors:


a. Terminologies

• Divine Light • Divine Love
• Divine Power • Divine Oneness
• Kindness • Spiritual Teacher
• Sweetness • Stillness
• Blessings (Bless) • Regenerated



b. The Virtues

• Loving Kindness & Non Injury (Ahimsa)
• Generosity & Non Stealing
• Honesty & Non Lying (Accurate Perception & Correct Expression)
• Constancy of Aim & Effort & Non Laziness
• Moderation & Non Excessiveness



c. The Power of Blessing

• Whom should we Bless?
• How do the Blessings go to people that we do not know personally?
• What happens when a Meditator Blesses troublesome or hurtful people or situations?
• Is there a time when the Meditator should not Bless someone?
• Where else can Blessings be used?

o Areas with civil unrest
o Impending Storms
o Family Disturbances
o Disturbances in Work

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