The Planetary Meditation for Peace

When Meditation Practice can be Initiated?


  1. The Meditation should always be proceeded by a five minute set of Physical Exercises.
  2. During the Meditation Children are asked:
    - to sit with their Hands facing upward in their Lap
    - to keep their Eyes closed
    - to keep their Back straight (6 inch or more away from the back of the chair)
    - to place their Feet flat on the Floor
    - (or if they choose to do so) Meditators may sit with their Legs crossed on the Floor. Should you wish to sit cross-legged on the floor the right leg should be on top of the left leg!

  3. After every Meditation the Children should do another five to ten minute Set of Physical Exercise.
  4. The Exercises recommended are very simple.
    They do not require any specific type of clothing or shoes, and the Exercises can be done easily by any normal healthy child.
  5. Positive Results are that Children feel Internally Calm and can better Cope with “Child Stress” that may be experienced while taking Tests and Exams. In general it has also been noted they maintain more Harmonious Interpersonal Relationships with other Children and with their Teachers, Parents and all People with whom they interact.
  6. Reports are that in Children who Practice regularly - there are fewer Health Problems (indicating a possible Increase in Immunity) there is a greater desire to Communicate, to learn and a characteristic demeanor of cheerfulness has been frequently seen on the faces of those Students Practicing this Mediation.
  7. A short Children’s Version of The Planetary Meditation for Peace is being provided for you. It is approximately five minutes in length.
  8. This Meditation should not be Practiced before bedtime.

This Meditation has been carefully edited to reduce any possible negative side effects to the Meditators. The Level of Energy is tolerable for nearly all healthy Children.

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