The Planetary Meditation for Peace

Why is this Meditational Approach Important?

If you are concerned about:

- the Well-Being of your Child
- the Level of Stress being experienced by your Child
- if you wish to Increase the Child’s ability to Concentrate
- Enhance the Child’s ability to Feel Inner Peace and Contentment - while simultaneously increasing their Interest in Scholastic Achievements
- and developing Harmonious Interactions with other Children

Then this Meditation may be right for your Child.

The Importance of young Children learning to overcome their Aggressive Tendencies as well as both Internal and External Harmful Behaviors can ultimately increase Harmony between adults, countries and within the World itself.

Negative Tendencies may be substantially softened through the Practice of this Meditation because Blessing every Person and Every Being with Good Health, Happiness, Material and Financial Abundance and Success generates Strong Positive Energy – both with those Practicing as well as in a surrounding radius – around the area where Practice is being undertaken.

Therefore, the Negative Tendencies that tend to pop-out in Relationships later in life – may be headed off if they are regulated at a young age.

This Meditation does not interfere with Religious Practices - of any Tradition, and is not intended to replace Traditional Prayers.

Nearly every Philosophy and Religion teaches:

“It is in Giving … that we Receive”

And likewise according to the Law of Karma:

It is in Blessing … that we may be Blessed.

It is very important for Children to understand the Power of this Tool that we call “Blessing”.

When introduced to this Meditation at a young age Children receive an opportunity to “Transform” their personalities into more Positive Versions of themselves.

As a gift placed into their Hands – this Meditation Practice will allow them to Function better in the Physical World. Ultimately it will allow them to Interact with People at a more Peaceful “Higher Frequency” of Energy.

Another Objective of doing this Practice is for Children to recognize the Divinity within every Person and every Being … However it is also important that Children do not misunderstand the concept of “Divinity in All”.

Children should learn to Practice Discernment when dealing with unnecessarily aggressive People (“bullies”) - and they should be able to say “No” (should it be necessary) while still understanding that there is Divinity in All. Children should NOT allow others to act abusively nor disrespectfully toward them.

The Purpose of this Meditation is not to create unrealistic, weak Meditators, but rather to allow those Children Practicing this Meditation - to find their own personal Inner Source of Divine Connection and Divine Strength - which will empower them to Achieve their Life Targets and their Goals as adults.

The Practice of The Planetary Meditation for Peace does not replace Consultation with therapeutic experts.

When a Child’s behavior is outside of normal behavior – The Planetary Meditation for Peace may be used as a complementary tool to assist the child to regulate their inappropriate tendencies and behaviors.

When Children learn to remain within the Flow of Universal Life Energy – and when this Energy is unobstructed by Excessive Negativity, Inner Doubts and Fears and other Blockages – their ability to transmute Lower Energies into Higher Energies becomes a Technique to build upon as the Child moves into young adulthood.

Therefore, this Meditation may be called a technique that gives strength and empowerment as a “Foundation” for Life itself.

When Children learn to Practice Active Compassion toward Every Person and Being - at a young Age, when they learn that Unwarranted Aggressive Behavior can be harmful both to themselves and to others – and that this can easily be changed through a Mental/Spiritual Process - it is the beginning of a sequence of Events that will Uplift and Transform the Consciousness of Humankind itself.

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