The Planetary Meditation for Peace

Additional Information to Enhance your Meditational Experience - Special Recommendations


Use Visualization

You may also use Visualization when Blessing the Earth with Loving Kindness.
Visualize the Aura of the Earth as becoming dazzling bluish pink.

When Blessing the Earth with great Joy, Happiness and Peace –
Visualize people with heavy or difficult problems Smiling –
with their hearts filled with Joy, Faith, Hope and Peace.

Visualize their problems becoming Lighter and their Faces lightening up –
as they are Filled with Inner Peace and Tranquility.

Blessing should not be done Mechanically!
Meditators should Practice with Awareness!

Please Feel and Fully Appreciate the implications in each phrase of this Prayer –
so as to maximize your Meditational Experience.

- Extracted from the Notes of Charlotte Anderson

Meditating on the "Stillness"

Achievement of Illumination occurs when Meditating on the Light, on the
Mantra OM, Amen or Amin and then on the Interval between the Om’s
Amens, or Amins.

Sometimes this is called “Meditating on the Gap” …


The Teacher said,

“Do not just Meditate on the Mantra …
Meditate on the Stillness” ,,,
By using a Mantra, the Meditator is literally “Lifted Up” …
and reaches a “Higher Station”

When you maintain Stillness between the OMs,
you have “Stillness” in the Mind and the Emotions.

When the Mind and the Emotions are Still …
it is possible to Achieve “Illumination!
In other words,
Meditators may experience the Divinity within them …
They may experience one’s Christ Nature, one’s Krishna Nature, or one’s Buddha Nature &
a Feeling of Union with All that Exists –
a Feeling of Love with All that Exists.

- Extracted from the Notes of Charlotte Anderson

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