The Planetary Meditation for Peace

Why Practice The Planetary Meditation for Peace?

Do you sometimes wonder - how you can escape from the Emotional Agitation or Turmoil within you or around you?

Would you like to Release the procession of Constant Negative Thoughts or Repetitive Thought Patterns – going around your head like a Broken Record?
Have you ever longed to reach a Stable State of Inner Calmness and Peace?
Do these Negative Thoughts and Emotions - tend to turn you against best interest or turn you against the people around you?
Does your Life seem like it is just too challenging or too expensive or too time consuming – to tackle all of these situations which are disturbing the Equanimity of your Life?

These conditions - and many more can rapidly be improved and frequently completely overcome.



When a person sends Light, Hope and Divine Strength to All People, they are entitled to Receive a portion of the Positive Qualities they are projecting to others – back into their own life. In nearly all religions and philosophical traditions it is written:

“It is in Giving - that you Receive”

Meditators may easily learn to use this simple Practice of Active Compassion, Loving Kindness, Ahimsa, Love, Metta, or Du’aa (a form of Prayer) and much more.

The Practice of The Planetary Meditation for Peace – directs all people to send Loving Energy to Every Person and Every Being.

From Groups of Meditators, Powerful Loving Energies are consciously sent to all people and these Energies radiate outward into the World in all directions …

People, places, situations, projects, cities and countries can be Healed by the Loving, Soothing, Balanced, Energy of the Blessings being sent out into the World.

By changing one’s Internal State - the External surrounding likewise tends to change.

Regular Meditators – become filled with Internal Light and they soon become aware of being filled with Divine Power, Love and Intelligence – and with Greater Patience.

The Meditators ability to Love themselves as well as others – is also rapidly increased. As they send Loving Energy out from their Heart and Crown Energy Centers, and they become a Channel for the Divine Energy.
A portion of this Positivity, including Abundance, Prosperity, Good Health and Happiness are automatically returned to the Meditator.

The Intercultural Nature of this Meditation increases one’s understanding of the Power of this simple Prayer or Meditation. A Meditator can rapidly reach and maintain a State of Peace, Contentment and Happiness. After a few weeks of regular Practice, Practitioners become increasingly filled with Internal Peace and Stillness.

If millions of people become Internally more Peaceful – our World will gradually be Transformed into a more Peaceful, Productive Place.

Various studies on Meditation have demonstrated that even this simple Meditation benefits both those Practicing - as well as every person every being (including the animals) … within a certain radius of the Group Meditating.

Meditators may gather together to Practice or they may mentally form an intention to join a Meditation Group from wherever they are - in their town, city or global area, or they may Meditate on their own – alone.

It is also possible to send Group Blessings to troubled areas – as well as into severe storms.

Numerous times, Maha Atma Choa Kok Sui instructed groups of students to send Loving Blessings into the “angry eye” of a storm. When done, on many occasions the storm may have continued along its path – but then there would be a significant lessening of its destructive Quality and a less than expected loss of life.

In some cases, “fire storms” were diverted, and in other cases notable lessening of expected destruction occurred.

Great Spiritual Teachers including Maha Atma Choa Kok Sui have taught that – through Group Effort, by Projecting Love, Caring, Positive Thoughts and Emotions to all people – without exception – we may ultimately reach lasting World Peace.


Using this Meditation for Health

Our Guruji gave a recommendation for the Practice of The Planetary Meditation for Peace – for people afflicted with Cancer.

He recommended Practice of this Meditation - once to twice - each day (morning and night if the person’s body is strong enough).

He suggested the person place their feet into a Basin of Warm Water and Salt (1/4 Kg or 1 Cup soft Salt) – during the Practice.

He felt the Practice of this Meditation increases the person’s Positive Karma through the Meditator’s Conscious projecting of Loving Blessings - to Every Person and Every Being.

(What we Give … is what we are Entitled to Receive.)

Additionally the downpouring of Divine Energy assists in correcting imbalances in the Energy Systems of the person – thereby assisting to flush out the Unwanted, Diseased are/or Dirty Energies from the person’s Energy

This Practice can help the person to relax, de-stress, maintain a more Positive Outlook and it has many other beneficial effects.


The Planetary Meditation for Peace has been offered in many differend Forms or Versions

Meditators should be aware that this Meditation has many different Versions. These Versions include The Meditation on Twin Hearts, The Meditation on Loving Kindness, The Meditation on Peace and Illumination, Metta Meditation, Prayers and Contemplation for Compassion and Peace as well as special Versions of the Meditation for Physical and Psychological Healing.



When performing the Meditation – Meditators are guided by the voice of Maha Atma Choa Kok Sui.

The Meditation utilizes The Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi to Bless the Entire Earth - including every person and every being with Love, with Spiritual Light, with Divine Intelligence, Abundance, Prosperity, Divine Power and Internal and External Peace.

The Meditation is Non-Sectarian, Non-Denominational and is being Practiced Regularly by virtually tens of thousands of people throughout the World.



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